Scarlets and blue legs??? Together??

Not of the Star Trek kind....
Just wondering if anyone has had any problems mixing scarlet hermits and blue leg hermits?
The LFS was no help. I know the scarlets are pretty much among the most docile of the hermits, but I wonder if the blue legs would harrass the scarlets.
Any experiences????
A lot of people on this board think that blue legs are the devil in disguise. I have scarlets, red legs, blue legs, and zebras, and they all seem to do fine. Crabs are "crabby" critters, and get into squabbles from time to time, but I've never seen themn do any actual harm to each other. JME
Thanks for the reply....I usually only keep blue legs, but the scarlets looked pretty cool. Just trying to avoid conflicts, especially since the scarlets are more $$. Just wanted to know if they could hold their own with other hermits.
my snails have definitely learned to stay off the floor (hermit turf) if they don't want to get evicted the hard way.
Stupid hermits are too small for their shells anyway, but they still try'em on!
Whatch you lookin at punk!


bought a dozen redlegs and my bluelegs had a great expensive meal on me. Would wake up in the morn and would have just a red leg here and there on the sandbed out of the shell. I have one redleg left and he is high on my live rock (watching his butt I guess) I wouldn't mix them but that is my opinion. I've seen in other threads here that some have removed their blue legs and then gone to other more docile type. Let us know how you make out.


I mix blue legs, scarlets, and zebras and the carnage seems to go in every direction. Kinda just have to figure on adding more periodically as they kill each other for larger shells.
Has anyone ever seen a blue leg crabs legs turn a black brown. I know I had all blue leg crabs and since the last time the crab molted. I think it turned black brown.
Thank You for You Help
Sarah :)