School of clowns?


I was wondering, being I'm prepping my next tank, can I have a large enough group of clowns that they wont fight? The LFS has a mass of clowns in their coral display tank, I think its something like 50 of them, its a sight to see, especially when there are like 20 of them in the BTA together.
I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a group at home and keep them into adulthood, or will they kill each other and leave me with a final pair?
Oh we're talking percula here.


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if u have a big enough tank u could do that. why not.
you would have to breed 2 clowns and grow the babies your self. i dont think u can find a school like that.


Your LFS probably has all juvi's in the tank. As they get older, they'll kill each other unless you have a gigantic tank.


I dunno man, the local aquarium has a clown tank, and theres TONS of good 3-4 inch large females in there. most of em are Ocellaris, but there are a few black and white pairs, a few skunk pairs, even a n/a/k/e/d pair, all in one tank that cant be bigger than 90 gallons. Ive never seen it before. this is kindof a lame picture, the photographer at my wedding took a pic and he didnt do a full tank shot, just a closeup.