Seahorse & crabs ! HELP


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So I am a new saltwater hobbyists who taught herself entirely by YouTube and internet. From loss and experience I have my tank perfect with no casualties. Today, I purchased a IMO medium/large seahorse (approximately 4.5 inches). I have 3 blue legged hermits in there since day 1. One of them is rather large & aggressive in comparison (he’s a little smaller than a bouncy ball - larger than a dime) my others are about (shell length max. 1 inch. ) I came home from dinner tonight to find my seahorse laying on the side with the crab fully attached and not letting go! I tried with my tank “spatula”, I ripped apart the tank ultimately to physically grab this crab off my seahorse in which that crab had one strong hold! Afterward the seahorse looked less than ok, and hour has passed I removed the larger crab, and have kept an eye on the SH. She seems to be hanging on to her things fine and she’s been swimming around slightly, my concern is 1. Anything to watch for with her? I know. Terrible first day in the new tank. And 2. Are the smaller crabs going to be the same problem? Thank you guys!


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Horses are slow methodical creatures. Crabs will eat anything they can get. Horses are best kept only with horses and few other fish. Pipe fish, draggonets, ect. Snails are fine. Crabs i wouldn't trust


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Watch for infection. Sea horses are prone infections . They should also be kept in colder water than other SW fish to help prevent this.