Seahorse Tank Build

Jonathan Mejia

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My tank is cycled and ready, two days ago I got a diamond watchman goby for my 40g tank. He seems to be doing great, but also a little bit shy since it is a new environment.

My levels are:
Ph- 8.0
Ammonia- 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate- 10-20

So far I have dry rock, live sand, artificial plants, a heater, and a submerged filter in my tank. However, I have a good amount no of dry rock, which I feel is too much for a seahorse tank. I also provided an image of my tank. My questions are:

Do seahorses require dry rock in their tanks? When I go to my LFS they hardly have any rocks in seahorse tanks?
Should I take out a big piece of rock to the right of my tank since It covers a lot?
Should I take some artificial plants out?
Also I have led lights for daytime and nighttime should this be fine?


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imho the best seahorse tank environment is simply macro algae. They balance out and stabilize the tank parameters/environment, provide some pods for food, and provide hitching posts. Unlike other livestock they also to not attach the macros as well. So you can get the marine equivalent of a FW planted tank.

But there are better seahorse experts here.

So that's just my .02