Seahorse tank

I have three tanks one salt water one fresh and another brackish. The brackish tank houses four african cichlids. The tank is a 45 gallon tall. I am very interested in seahorses and was wondering when all the fish in this tank pass on could I set is up as a seahorse pipefish species tank with tall grasses. The filtration I have for it is a fluval 204. I would get another if I am going to do this. I know seahorses like slack current so would this be enough curretn or should I get a powerhead.


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Hello :D
That happens to be a perfect size tank for Seahorses! They love hight. There is sooo much I could tell you about them, but this post would turn into a novel! :)...So I'm going to send you to the BEST source of Seahorse Info. on the The disscussion board there will be unbelievably helpfull to you...I promise!
Bye the way, a place called OceanRider now raises Horses in tanks, and they all eat frozen food...feeding the wild caught ones is the hardest part of keeping them, so this is a Godesssend! ;)
*Hope this helped...and good luck. They are the most amazing creatures.