Sebae Anenome...

sunken ship

My brother has a 75g SW tank that has very recently had a huge die off. He lost all of the fish in it (which included 2 Spiny Boxfish, 1 mandarin goby, 2 clowns, 1 powder blue tang, and he also lost his polyps). He also has a sebae anenome in his tank, but he is worried about it and wants to move it into my 18g tank which has very good water quality with steady parameters (Ammonia Nitrite and Nitrate all constantly at 0 for a long time, ph 8.3). I am thinking of taking his anenome and I would love to hear any advice that you guys have about sebae anenomes. thanks.


I had one for about a month. Mine was one of the bleached (white) ones. The yellow ones are dyed. Got mine before I knew this. The proper color is more tan or brown with the purple tips. Don't think I had enough light for mine. It looked great for about a month and then started deteriorating FAST.


Do a searchand you will find many posta about sebae's. Here is a cut and paste of my story-I purchased my Sebae exactly 1 year ago.It was about 3" in diameter. Just yesterday I traded it in to my LFS. It was 16-18" in diameter and took up about 1/2 of my 55. I brought it in still attached to a 3 lb. piece of live rock,and they made a call and sold him to a guy with a 300 gal. tank,on the spot.I have one pissed off maroon clown,but I put a 3-4" bubble tip in the same spot and I woke up this morning to see him nestled inside the bubble like nothing happened. The sebae was the easiest thing to take care of.I did nothing special,the maroon brought food to it every chance it could.It quadrupled in size in 1 year!! Very nice,but you need a BIG tank if you plan to keep it for a while. Good luck.