See ya all later


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This is not a simpthay post by any means. I really like this board and the folks that are on it. This is why I am even posting this at all. I am not to sure if it is just me, and the way I come across or what. So I will do all my reading on the outside.
Thank you to,
and anyone else I am forgeting to mention for all your help and hospitality.
Its been real and its been fun..........

Stay dry and happy reefing.

salt life

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awww man, and I never got that date with your daughter
your a pretty cool guy, thanks for all the advice over the months. but I don't come on the forum anymore either, only to see if anyone is givin meowzer a hard time


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Don't know what went on that made you want to leave, but I'm probably speaking for everyone that if something was said that caused you to leave, I'm sorry. Too bad I didn't get to know you, hopefully you'll come back and post someday. =(


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I completely agree with Fretfreak, hope you are doing well and good luck to you with all of your lifes endeavours


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Originally Posted by florida joe
I will admit I am about as sharp as a bowling ball, so tell me did I miss something
I looked for 15mins swearing I'd find something where someone had a bloody finger from a bowling incident. Only turned up half million results of people cutting their bowling balls in half...


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Thanks for all the advice you've ever given me. Keeps me on my toes. I'm working on step in up to corals now. Been having great success with some new additions my my build. Check it out.


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have fun...i took a long break from this was getting to be to political around here...this is actually my first time back in about 6 will find your way back eventually...