SeeCrabRun's first reef


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This hobby is chock full of trial and error, and it can get extremely frustrating at times. If one perseveres, the rewards are enormous. I have found few things in life that have brought the same satisfaction that I've felt once everything fell into place. I'm glad that you persisted, and were able to achieve the results that you have. A good bit of work in the beginning will yield many years of enjoyment. Well done...


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It has been very difficult at times and I definitely thought about throwing in the towel! I have more to update still, but it got really late catching you all up so far haha!

Luckily I made it to the middle of April with the updates, so only 3 more weeks of updates and then it'll be 'real time updating' from then on.


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Completely irrelevant, but i have that exact same scoop, which i also use for tank-relate purposes, despite the fact that it is a pasta colander.
LOL! Glad I'm not the only one who saw it and thought "omg that's perfect for maintenance!"

It really is the best "spoon" ever! And I went through the trouble to color code everything in the house that is for the tank. It's all red, mostly darker red like the scoop. Red otherwise doesn't go with the rest of the house, so it stands out and makes it easier to know if something is food safe vs reef safe.