setting up new tank...

sunken ship

I will be setting up a 35 or so gallon tank fairly soon(this summer), and I am estimating the cost of everything right now. I was wondering what kind of filtration system would be good for a tank of that size? Also, I am thinking of going with 220w PC lighting, do you think that would be enough?


that all depends on what you would like to keep in the tank. are you going reef or fish?

sunken ship

it will be a reef setup. I am thinking eventually a bubble tip anenome along with other types of corals, possibly a pair of clowns and one or two other fish.


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Well you will find that there are many different theories on filtration methods in a reef. Obviously the most ideal is the one which is most natural, that being live Rock and Live Sand. However, this can take time to establish. Many people proudly run their systems with no filtrations, just powerheads, sump and LR+LS.
My advice would be to start with a cannister. That way it gives time for your tank to biologically mature and then maybe in 9 months-1 year you can look to doing without it? It also means you have somewhere to house activated carbon, phosphate sponges etc if the need calls. A Sump is always a great idea, even a refuge, to farm macro-algae etc and is great for keeping Nitrates down. A skimmer is also good for removing organic material.
LR+LS is the key in my opinion. If you can get a 5" DSB that will be a fantastic filtration system, along with lots of LR.
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