OK Guys, I would like your input on this one....I Emailed Sammy about it, but I know his fish is sick and he is worried about it, so he probably didnt have time to get to me, but anyway..
There is a Tatoo Shop on Dewey Ave in Rochester NY, called Xtreame Graphics...The Owner of the shop's name is John, his nickname is "Sniper"..and hes got a 200??Gallon tank with a nurse shark in it...Well the shark fits tail to nose litterally...She has NO room to really move around and swim freely, its NOT a pretty site..I have called the local people here for Animal Cruelty and they took the info, and have done NOTHING.....Who else can I call, what do I do...This really sucks and the poor thing will die..
I have found out from people who know him, he has a bunch of tanks at different locations, and they are all in pretty bad shape, and goes threw fish like nothing..
Anyones input would be very appreciated..
Thanks All
~Susie :mad: <img src="graemlins//yell.gif" border="0" alt="[yell]" /> <img src="graemlins//eek.gif" border="0" alt="[eek]" />


You could try the Humane Society. Or maybe a local TV station. Sometimes they will do stories on things like this.
Or you could go the other route. Rather than being confrontational, be helpful. Strike up a friendship with the guy. Offer to leave some old fish mags for him and his patrons to read. If the mags have articles on sharks, so much the better. Get to chatting with him....most people don't mistreat animals on purpose, they are just ignorant of their needs.
Whatever you decide to do, I will wish you luck!


I'd take a couple pics of this, and send it to someone, to prove to them, and to let them see just how bad it is. TY Station, news, call them. Or do the friend thing, like fishy missy said.


The Owner is pretty NASTY about mentioning it...I might have to do the photo thing, but I'll have to do it without him around, or he'll throw me out on my but...he's really not a nice guy...
I've tried the Humane Society.....and got Zip!!!
The TV thing is a good idea too...
One thing I know is something has to be done about it....
Thanks All


I don't know the rules there--but around here the authorities would laugh at a shark in too small a tank. As someone else said they can't find the time to get around to all the warm-blooded animals that desperately need their help.
Unfortunately, I don't believe there is anything you can do. But as long as your feeling bad about this shark you might as well feel bad for all the other fish in the world who's needs are not being properly met.
You've got a LOT of feeling bad to do :(
I know it may be hard but I think you are just going to try and let it go.


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Hey Susiepan,
I have made a contact by the name of Alex Buttigieg who is a shark researcher and helps in different fights to protect sharks. I have informed him of this problem and he is going to do what he can to help, but asked that you contact him. Please email me at and I will forward you his email address. He has informed me he can help.


no animal should be smelly like that unless it's not being taken care of properly; most can be trained to relieve themselves in designated area or inform the owner of the need if the owner takes the time to; now birds, they can very messy; food everywhere, dandra & lots of it, feathers...course if you responsible pet owner you clean up after themregualry & bath as necessary; it's part of having them as a pet; you still have to change out that smelly fish water sometimes or remove dead smelly fish should it happen...
far as the sharks goes, you could offer $$$ for it or some kind of fund raiser for it or possibly get a public aquarium or large college aquarium might have an interest...I don't think that there is any legal organization for fish rights..go figure; probably not one for insects or reptiles iether...see a pattern here; has to be warm blooded...course I don't think there'd be champion casue for most rodent species iether; now if you could prove it was obtained illegally in some manner, maybe