Shark not eating well!!!


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I have a coral banded shark just about a month old that I hatched and he just doesnt seem to eat enough. I give him krill because thats just about all he will eat and he barely touches that. I give him small pieces and hand feed him and he will gnaw on it a little bit then drop the food. After he has touched a piece of food the first time he will not touch it again. I have to give him a new piece for him to eat anymore and he will do the same thing with it. He is a bout a month old and about 7-8 inches long. the pieces I give him are about a 1* 4 inch big and he never finishes a whole piece. Is this normal or am I doin somthing wrong. Please let me know what I can do to help out the little fella. I would appreciate and help or insight into this. Thanks!