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Nope. The smallest shark that I know of in the aquarium hobby is the coral catshark, which max out at about 24". Truly, they should be housed in tanks over 200 gallons or so but some people push the envelope and keep them in 125 gallon tanks as a temporary home for juveniles. Whether this is responsible or not is a pretty regular debate.
Understand also that they are benthic sharks, meaning that most of their time is spent resting on the sandbed. If you wanted a shark that swims constantly, like you see on national geographic, the smallest I know of is a smoothound. They are in constant motion so need large systems, probably close to 1000 gallons or more. Better suited to public aquariums.


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They look kind of like a Black Tip Reef Shark. But the Bala's I think have scales so they're a little shiney.

They are freshwater fish anyway...silver with black tips on the seems all the FW fish are either orange or silver or just a blush of color. Except the cichlids, I hated those mean little buggers, they only thing good about them are the better colors.

like Crimzy said, no 6 inch sharks....


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I just read that even bala's grow to 13-16 inches and are recommended in 100 gallon tanks as adults. 50 gallon for juveniles. Wow!


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Originally Posted by silverado61 http:///t/397246/sharks#post_3540349
Can you post the stats and a photo just so I can see what it looks like?

Looks more like a catfish to me. It's a freshwater fish, and can be put in brackish water later on...not exactly a saltwater tank kind of critter.

eric b 125

Neither one of those are sharks. One is a minnow (bala) and the other is a catfish (columbian).


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