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The one time I ordered life fish online and they sent it overnight but when it got to State College (a city closest to me were Fedix ships to) and they forgot about it!!! I called them and they said that it is still in their storage thing and never got on the truck... They said it will come the next day at about 1:00.. and so it did and my fish was fine. It didn't look so good when it was in the bag but when I took it out in my QT in was ok and came back.
Im not saying ship your fish 2nd day or anything!!!


So say you wanted to ship some zoo's, you'd just double bag it and throw it in a cardboard box? is that all you do? or do you put the bag in a styro box, or use a heat pack? and i heard somewhere that you can do thermo trading...has anyone use this method before?


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I would recommend going to the LFS and getting some styro containers from them if you are shipping LR or a large shipment of things. This will keep the water temp a little better(depending on the climate you may need cooling or heat packs) and protect things a little bit against rough handling and keep water where it belongs should there be a leak, then get a box to go around the styro.
As far as LR, wrap the pieces in very wet paper towels, then put them all in a trashbad, then put them in a styro, then a box, you can ship LR 2-3 day.


what should i ship shrooms in . where can i get a small enough box for the bag. shoukd i fill up the box with newspaper to avoid the bag tipping over?


what are the chances of colt coral making it in normal ups ground from LA to seattle?


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you're gambling....i used FEDEX ground shipping...and according to fedex since it was 150 miles away it would make it the next day. for some reason it took two days. even though i used heat packs, they only last 24 hrs. the water was cold by the time the customer received the package and the coral didn't make it. i will never use ground shipping again. next day only.


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I use pee cups with just enough water to cover the frag. I've done two day shipping but would rather go overnight.


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just to let everyone know with usps overnight if you dont walk out and get it from him they will leave a note to pick it up the next day so be careful:nervous:


Does anyone have any suggestions for shipping a piece of GSP about 100miles. Weathers not super cold right now.

dan hanna

:happyfish you are right i placed a order on line about a month ago and it had the heat pack in it an all of my order was in great shape:happyfish


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Originally posted by DVS
I heard those heat packs you can buy in the store work well too.

They can also work too good. You have to be very carefull of how many you use and where you put them. I killed a whole box of sps frags by adding too many and having them in the wrong place.