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Hi, in the future I might go down to a bigger city and get inverts and corals, can they survive in a bag for 6-7 hours?


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Yes. It would be best if the store knows this and uses pure oxygen in the bag. You need to keep the water a constant temp. You can put the bags on an insulated cooler.

bang guy

I used to ship corals. I used the breathable bags and they had no problem being in the box for 2 or 3 days.

florida joe

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Just a note on shipping. IMO you should hold off on feeding you fish before you ship. The small water volume involved in shipping will raise the ammonia level quickly with the introduction of waste


I had to drive some fish for a friend once for 8 hours

I used a polystyrene box with heat packs and the fish in breathable bags. Worked great. I waited for 25mins before starting to make sure the temp was stable and not too high which could kill them.


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I get fish from 2 hrs away . I have a 9 volt battery air pump I put in a 5 gallon bucket for the ride home. He also adds ammonia neutralizer