Shoal of green chromis???


How many would like nice in a 210 gallon?
Current inhabitants
2 5 inch Naso Tangs
1 4 inch yellow tang
1 3 inch tomato clown
Plus crabs, snails etc...
Also How many cleaners would be good in 210 gal reef?and would it be a good idea to add 2 cleaner gobies?


a friend with a 210 has around 20 greens in it, very neat to watch them swim about together.
personally i am more of a fan of cleaner shrimp than obligate cleaner fish.


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I cant say how many chromis (I cant imagine a tank that big--so jealous!). I do believe it is best to have an odd number though. For the cleaner gobies, I belive, they are hard to keep in home aquariums (best if left in the wild). Cleaner shrimp on the other hand, geez you could get away with adding a pair of each kind if you wanted to.


cleaner wrasses do not do well in tanks, cleaner gobies do fine, but generally only have a natural life span of around 18 months.