Should Flower Ditch the Wave?


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Where is the poll? You didn't do it right...Now you will have to count everybody's vote the hard way..LOL
No, don't get mad...I did suggest it.

crypt keeper

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Can I plead the 5th? Personally the wave is funny because it bothers people. But just like anything I suggest use is moderation.


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Originally Posted by crypt keeper
Well flower keeps the wave. I say so so it must be okay! Dang it.
Crypt (tells all when its okay) Keeper.

LOL....I'm sorta kinda famous....just because I like to say hi.


I am sort of new here (I read more than post though), and have always liked your waving smiley. The wave goes along with your personality. You come across as very friendly and helpful. I say keep your wave.


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I think even filet mignon gets tired when you eat it too much. In the same way, the wave has become her "staple" and therefore is useless now. Change things up a little bit! Keep us on our toes!