sick porcupine puffer??



Hey guys, I'm new to this so please bear with me. About 2 months ago I started a saltwater tank. The first fish we purchased was a porcupine puffer. She was doing great, we fed her live crayfish, crabs and occassionally we ventured into feeder minnows. Well, we figured she was doing so well we would add another fish, a dragon wrasse. She did fine the first few days and now she is all over the tank, bumping into rocks, breathing heavily and her color is definitely off. We fed her some minnows the day before and we noticed that all of the minnows had died in the tank we were holding them in. We don't know what to do and we don't want to lose our puffer, any suggestions??


I think the number one problem is feeding saltwaterfish freshwater live food. Minnows are great for oscars and the like but otherwise, no. Feeders should only be used to induce feeding with very picky eaters like using ghost shrimp for ribbon eels.
The porcupine is at any rate the least picky, eating everything you give it. Thus there should be no need for live foods, that may carry several diseases themselves.
First thing is to start feeding frozen foods to your puffer and perhaps do a water change to change it up a bit.


What are your tank parameters, any visual signs other than the color being off, and disorientation? Diseases on a fresh water fish or other should not effect a saltwater fish, and there can be effects from feeding live, but this is something that is seen after a long time of feeding...months years etc.