Sieo's and Rio For Sale


Rio 2100 - Comes with suction cup attachment and extra parts but will need a new impeller. $20 shipped OBO
All Sieos come with hang over side parts. Mounting option 4. Each are just a bit over 1 year old. Will be cleaned the best I can prior to shipping.
Sieo 620 - $22 shipped OBO
Sieo 1100 - $42 shipped OBO
Sieo 1500 - $52 shipped OBO


Seio 620 ill take it for 16 shipped to 92612 or what ur best is


work great...except the rio 2100 which needs the impeller...
M1100 1100gph/4400lph 6.5" x 2.56" x 3.23"/16.5cm x 6.5cm x 8.2cm 21W
M1500 1500gph/6000lph 7.3" x 2.8" x 3.5"/18.4cm x 7cm x 9cm 34W


I havent had any experience with anything other than the rio pumps and never had a impeller go bad on one.. the m1100 and the m1500 work as they should i am assuming.. the Rio isnt that old as far as getting parts is it? Do you live by albany or the other end of I90 w/of buff. I ask because my girlfriend is purchasing some lovebirds from a person in the south of buff area this saterday.. I might be able to make arraingments at that time to pick them up...
I have been trying to sell a 265 gallon tank but no one wants it, so im going to set it up and do something different possible a discus or angel tank both of which I have orders all ready to fill and havent started to breed.. I had done it in the past with a 125 discus, and made more money than proping corals. email me at THX BRIAN