im a member of a few other forums (mainly dealing with vehicles) and they allow a signature to show up under your post.
when you post on the forums when youre new the most frequent response is, add your vehicle and modifications to your sig. so we know what is going on...
thought this may be helpful here as well.... always seeing after a "help me post" whats in your tank, what kind of filtration, how big is the tank etc...
most of the forums allow it to show a few times in the same thread then it doesnt anymore but it will show on any new thread replied to or started.
just an idea


I think it had more to do with abuse of the signatures wither way to long or text that wasnt allowed and pics and everything that caused the pages to load to slowly.


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I'm glad SWF doesn't have signatures. They tend to be long and annoying, with graphics that suck up bandwidth.
They also break up the flow of the thread.
If people use their profiles correctly, all the information that would be in a sig is in there. Without the rest of us getting Bannered with it.
I'm with the mods and swfishy. Negatives outweigh the positives.