Silicone WARS


FOR YEARS AND YEARS, reefers go to war in regards to what Silicone is the best to use for repairing
and constructing new aquariums and sumps. Today I went ahead and called some of the worlds best AQUARIUM Keepers, and I contacted the two LEADING silicone companies. ( MOMENTIVE and DOW CORNING).
SeaWorld uses: GE (SCS-2000 SIL-PRUF). 340 psi
I was told by BILL (Product Specialist) @ MOMENTIVE that thereare two other products he recommends would work for aqauriums repair or construction applications. He stresses that (MOMENTIVE has a disclaimer, "WE do not make any aquarium Silicones, and are Not Liable for damage if their products are used for such applications". HE added, "I know these silicones will in fact hold for many years, and Places such as EPCOT and Sea World use our products with liitle to no issues".
GE (SCS-2000 SIL-PRUF). 340 psi (For Large Tanks)
GE (GE-1) 260 psi (for small tanks) under 100 gallons
Keep in mind MOMENTIVE Owns GE, APPALO, and is now just a huge MOMENTIVE CO.
If it can HOLD the water volume for SHAMU's tank, It can hold my Monster Tank Glass.
DOW CORNING manfacutures the DAP Aquarium silicone. I spoke to the lab at DAP and was told, its max holding streanght is for a 30 gallon tank (35 psi). and should not be use for anything larger!!