Sixline Wrasse


I have read in several books that these help out tanks by eating fireworms and pyramid snails, which would in turn help clams, but then I have heard that out of nowhere, they will maim your clam for no reason. Would it be okreccomended to keep these in a tank with clams. I know they can also be aggresive.


i have a fairy Huge sixline in my dt with a 6in+ crocea clam... he doesnt bother it a bit.... but it is like with any fish you add to your tank you have to be carefull and watch him... There is no way to generalize how the fish are going to act.... Just like human ever one is different... You may get lucky and you may not.... Books seem to simply generalize the fish like ever one is the same... One of the major problems in this hobby ..... Books tend to be helpful in many areas but can only give you a generalization when it comes to any living species... mark


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i hv a 6 line also with 5 clams. he doesnt bother them at all. i dont know about 6 line eating fireworms or vermitid snails tho.


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Sixlines tend not to mess with polychaete worms that much. The reason is usually because most of the worms are out when the fish have already went under a rock for the night. That being said, if they do go for them, they might be hanging out under a clams shell.
I don't have much experience with pyramid snails and sixlines, but I do know a couple people that do. Most of them have had a sixline get a pyramid snail population under control within 72 hours. Similar to peppermint shrimp, they will eat A LOT of crustaceans that are small enough for them to get in their mouth and crush (so tiny ones).
I have kept sixlines with clams dozens of times though and never once had a problem. They can be territorial and aggressive towards other fish, but usually not larger inverts.


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My sixline has never bothered my clams either. Most aggression towards other fish comes when they're added after the sixline.
I know there are a few wrasses that do eat pyramid snails and other clam hitch-hikers.

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yeah, in the wild they will eat many types of worms. aquacultured ones have usually lost their nature of doing so. depends on what kind you get.