Size Does Matter!


Never would have thought abut it though... Clowns wont take to an anemone if it s too small... I have a small green BTA clowns dont even go near it. I put a big new Rose BTA in my tank tonight an an hour later the clown are playing in it!
Picky beasts!


Yup. I found the same thing. The LG BTA I bought had a stow away anenomie crab. The clown booted the crab out and it had to fend for itself in this tiny little BTA that came on a piece of base rock.
I finally sold the crab since it would actually straddle the entire anenomie. It was sad looking really. The crab went from a beautiful 4 story house with garage, rec room, sport court.... to a 1 bedroom loft.
Just couldn't see keeping him there.