Sleeper Gold Head Gobies Suck


If you have a reef tank please stay away from that fish. Every website will tell you how its great for a reef tank, and it does a great job of turning the SB, however it is a killer. They lift the sand really high and start dropping it all over the tank and cover in sand anything that is on the ground. About a week ago my goby killed my pride and joy the brain. That thing rocked, however it was covered with sand, it appears that its mouth was stuffed with it, and it was not able to get it out. It has since then shrunk to bones, and it does not look like it will make it. I tried to clean it, but was not ablet to.


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Im sorry you lost your favorite Brain Coral
Have you tried a sand sifting star fish? Or a bunch of Nassarius Snails? I have an engineer goby that stays near the bottom and have never had issues with him swimming up and spitting the sand out.
There are alot of gobies that will swim up and spit the sand out but there are also some that will stay near the bottom of the tank. I am not sure exactly which kinds since I have only had the engineer and the shrimp goby.


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Don't do the sand sifting starfish - it's not really good for your tank, and it won't do the job you're hoping for here. I have a diamond goby in my seahorse tank, and he keeps low to the ground when he does his thing. I'm so sorry to hear about your brain.....I can imagine how much that would tick me off!!