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Ive been trying to get my hands on a D-SLR camera for a while but unfortunately until i get a solid job that is out of the question. For now i want to buy a regular SLR but i have a few questions. First off, I have never used a film camera for anything ever... so i have lots of questions and will probably be back later to ask more.
the big question right now is how do i get the pics from the film on to my computer? i have a scanner but its not very good and plus i dont want to have to print and scan every picture. i would much rather get the pics on my computer and have the negatives but not have to print out the pics unless i want to. also any suggestions on some decent slr's for around 150...


Most photo labs will offer to digitize your film and put it on a disk.
One thing to lookout for when shooting film. It can get expensive. The cost of film and processing adds up quickly.
Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish.


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its not a bad price for that camera and lenses... i agree with npage though... you should wait to get your digital... film and developing will add up... there are some great set ups on the bigauction site... as far as getting you pix on you pc npage is right there too... most places include a cd rom of your images for a small fee...


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I"m thinking that is pretty expensive for a film camera and lenses these days. If you are gonna buy a film camera now with the intention of going digital down the road I would go with a Nikon since they are the only manufacturer, as far as I know, that makes all of their lenses compatible with all of their cameras. Most other manufacturers change the mounting bayonet on their lenses so that they can not be all used with all cameras. I just got a Nikon D50 digital SLR and am using my Nikor lenses that I bought 15 years ago with my old film SLR.


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alright check this out... i was talking to my step dad today about the camera i wanted and he is like o i have a camera with lenses sort of like that and im like

so since he never uses it, its currently on loan from him. its a little older (probably 70's or 80's) and i still have to look up the instruction manuals and what not to get more familiar with the cam. unfortunately i dont have a battery for the stone age camera so i have been winging it without a light sensor for now. but its been going pretty good
check out 2 of the shots i took today
this is my friend hitting an eight stair on blades

this is my mom... interesting pic because her hair is kinda weird and she is kinda dressed in crappy clothes but it somehow it caught the light just right on her face so it turned out good

its cool because target will put the pictures on a CD (no prints) for $1.50 so the most expensive part is film... but i am a kid so that will probably lift some of the burden


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Originally Posted by autofreak44
here is a pic of the cam

if you have any info on it please share lol

Did you take that pic in a mirror? I"m wondering about the lettering on it being backwards...