small dead worm pieces in new tank


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I'm in my 2nd week of cycling my 60 gallon tank, and yesterday we put in more live rock. there's about 30 pounds in there now and am planning to put more in next week.
so today i wake up and there are about 6-7 balls of dark brown worms rolled up and not moving. then there's also 1 worm (about an inch) that is barely moving, squirming more like... but the weirdest part is there are other 'worms' that look like pieces of worms. some pieces are not even 1 millimetre long (range from 1millimetre to about half an inch). there are at least 20 tiny pieces like these and i can see white stuff that looks like it would be the inside of the worms. I think they are peanut worms but im just guessing from photos i've seen.
There's nothing in our tank as far as we know of, no fish etc. We didn't have this problem until we put the new live rocks in so i'm guessing it might have to do with that. Last week, we didn't even see these kind of worms in our tank.
Is there something in the live rock that could have done this?



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Yes, keep looking and try using a flashlight after the lights have been off for several hours.


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i just added some photos to my original post. i'm just worried that there's something in there that might harm any fish that i put in once cycling is complete