snowflake eel losing color


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I've had this snowflake eel for almost 2 years. Within the past few months he has steadily lost color and appetite. He now will not eat at all and has lost most of his color. He has no other signs of sickness. I've tried feeding him different kinds of food but he isn't interested in anything. The water quality in my 125g tank is good and all of my other fish are fine. What is going on?


Welcome to the boards jenny...gosh that's a toughie. Has he started to lose weight? I'm sure that is happening if he isn't eating...maybe an internal parasite? I just lost a tang recently to that and I didn't catch it quickly enough. Hopefully someone who has more answers will check this post soon. Good luck!! Sorry to hear about your eel--I would be lost without my "morty."
I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong but it is my understanding that when fish get internal worm parasites, much like puppies, they exhibit one of two symptoms. either they look like they are pregnant or they become emaciated. Although I would think this would cause fish to eat MORE since the parasites are taking care of the food. I would lean toward an internal parasite, I am sure Trey ot one of the other big timers here will clear this up for you. Just thought I would throw in my .02, gl!