Snowflake Eel Weird Behavior


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So my Snowflake Eel went into one of his hibernation periods. I didn't see him for a week and I wanted to check and make sure he didn't escape or something, so I looked and found him under a rock. So I put the rock back and let him do his thing. Well my lawnmower blenny went MIA 2 days ago, and so I went looking for him and discovered both he and my eel are gone! My lawnmower blenny was way bigger than the eel's mouth and I thought there is no way that eel could have managed without choking or something. So now my eel is gone and I can't find him. Is it possible that he "woke up," was super hungry, ate my blenny, gotten sick or freaked out from the massive amount of food, and tried to escape my tank? Just wondering if any of this sounds familiar. I know eels are escape artists, but I'm a little confused with all the other stuff too.


I have actually seen a baby snowflake eel try to eat a fish bigger than its mouth only to literally split itself in half..the damsel then swam away (probably freaked out)...eels can escape out of the smallest hole possible they are almost as good as octopi at escaping...

Madam truefire

I'm completely puzzled. Snow flake ele, AKA Lancelot, stopped eating 7 days ago. stopped moving 6 days ago. aquarium mysteriously drained itself of marine water. Then yesterday, Thursday, I removed L. from habitat. He does not have rigormortis. Does this mean he is still dead or is it remotely possible he is in hibernation. what to do?