So hard to save money.


Why is it, in this hobby when you get your paycheck you just have to see if there's anything new to buy for your tank! Saving is so difficult.


Yep, whenever i get a new paycheck i always think of something to add to my tank. It's cool and it sucks because i need to save.
I ley my friends and family do all the spending for me. All I ever ask for Christmas, bday, and fathers day is gift certificates to the lfs and I seem to never run out between holidays!

nano reefer

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spend all yuor money, go 20k in debt on fish stuff, and Obama will pay for it, he'll fix everything.
anyway, i know how you feel, my boss couldnt pay me for a cuople weeks when busniess got slow, and i just got a paycheck this wekk worth 3 paychecks, and i coukldnt help but go buy a coral :)