So very irritated right now.



I just was looking at my 90g and noticed the smallest fleck in the glass. So thinking oh maybe it's just a piece of something with a few microbubbles on it stuck to the glass. I go to use the mag float to brush it off and low and behold it's IN the glass. I've never noticed it before but now i can't help but NOT notice it. I don't mean to sound like i'm being whiney but it really bothers me. This tank is basically brand new. I just started it up recently after I bought it over a year ago and it sat in my office waiting to be used.
I don't know beyond it annoying me because of the asthetics if there's any cause for concern about the structural integrity of the tank with an imperfection in the glass, but if anybody has had this issue before or knows what i'm talking about, i'd appreciate some advice.


Hey I thought I was the only one with that problem. I found a "bubble" in my front panel the other day. Really makes me mad!!!


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If you can feel this bubble from either the inside or outside of the tank I would be concerned. If it is right into the glass then it should be okay, phone a glass company when you find this out and get their opinion.
Yes you can turn the tank around a pain I know.
Better yet, if you have your receipt for the purchase of the tank take it back and get a new one.
I have always looked tanks over before I have bought them for this reason. I also do a run on the with just plain water before actaually filling them up to start to tank off just to make sure there are no imperfections and leave the tank just sit with water overnight.
No guarantee though as some new tanks in time can have weak points too.
Good luck.......