Some Friendly Advice To All Shark Addicts


I have been very dismayed and concerned about what seems to be a general lack of concern for the animals folks are trying to keep. There have been a tremendous amount of posts about sharks and the minimum tank for them and all but a few people are over-looking the most basic rule of shark-keeping, keep the shark in the largest tank possible not the smallest! In my opinion shark keeping should be approached by deciding on the shark you want to keep first and then get the largest tank that is suited for that animal. It is sad but the trend now is, "I have a -- tank what shark will fit in it?". This is absolutely the wrong way to approach sharks. I can assure you that no public aquarium views captive mantenance of sharks the same way. To be truelly successful the shark should be placed into the correct sized tank from the start. Sure it is easy to get excited and purchase that shark and believe that you will be setting up a larger tank when the time comes but I suggest that the tank is set up and cycled first, long before the shark is ever bought. I also suggest that unless the tank the shark is destined for can comfortably hold the shark its entire life then do not get the shark.
I am not trying to flame any one on this topic but I have seen more and more people wanting to keep sharks. This is both good and bad, in that not every tank can hold a shark and not every potential keeper is able to keep a shark successfully. It takes time, dedication, committement, and financial means. It is also untrue that public aquariums will take sharks that have outgrown the home aquarium. Maybe in a few instances but overall they just can't take them.
If you are truelly serious about keeping sharks then it should be just as easy to want to keep the animal in the best possible conditions. If the potentail keeper is dedicated enough to do the research first then the should be dedicated enough to wait until the proper tank is set up and matured. Success can be had but there are no short cuts or easy way to keep sharks in the home aquarium.