Some new pony and fish pics


tank is a 46g bowfront with a nano arctica chiller an emperor 280 filter, 30 lbs of live rock and various pumps.



Beauty!!! So, using a chiller....what kind of horses? Can I ask how much did the chiller run you? What is the difference, if any, between a nano chiller and an ordinary chiller? Eventually I'm thinking of having a very small tank, probably 10-hex which will need a chiller. Naturally, for a tank that small I'd like a smaller, and hopefully less expensive chiller....
Anyway, beautiful tank and lovely horses.

omen nemzo

Nice tank. Ok idk but I wanted to add a horse to my tank but then I read they have to have thier own tank. So what im asking why would ppl say that when there are ppl like you that seem to have a great tank with fish and horses with no problem.


if you get ponys that are wild caught then you will have more problems keeping them with other fish.
I have only captive bred ponys that have no problem with other fish, sometimes they hitch to the hawk fish.
as long as the tankmates are peacefull and don't attck the pony's all should be well. just keep the water quality high, make sure the ponys get enough food and make sure the current is not to strong in the area they hang out in and all will be well.
the chiller was $300
i feed mysis and brine twice a day, the clowns and cardinal and firefish also eat flake food


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Its not so much adding a horse to your fish tank, its adding fish to your seahorse tank.
There is a really nice list of compatible tank mates in this forum. Take a good look at it.
Your tank should be set up with seahorses in mind, then you can add a few fish that are compatible
By the way Very nice tank.


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surprisingly not overly hard to care for -- they just have a specific dietary requirement you have to fill. They're slow, deliberate feeders, so if you have other fish in the tank, give them their meal first. You pretty much have to hand feed them, and by hand I mean turkey baster, or set up a feeding station. The key to setting up a good community tank with horses is research the most peaceful fish and (preferably, though not necessary) add the tank mates AFTER the ponies are in.
sea horses like cooler temperatures, so assume you won't be running your heater for this tank. I live in florida, but the ambient house temo is 75 and the tank is always around chiller needed. But I put the tank in a darker room and the lighting is low-light standard fluorescent, so that makes a difference.
By the way, awesome tank there, Pete!