Something is eating my fan worm

My fan worm is developing holes in its tube. I assumed that it was being caused by my hermit crabs picking at it, but today, I saw a tiny beetle-like thing crawling across it. It didn’t look like a snail. It moved like an insect, and it was about the size of the little plastic ball they put in stick pins in new shirts.

The worm itself seems to be happy. It is out and fully unfurled every day.

Any thoughts?


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I'd have to see what the beetle type thing is to be able to advise. If you get a photo of it, let us know.


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Feather dusters are generally good and help filter excess food/waste from your water, however, too many feather dusters could mean too many nutrients in the water column, possibly from overfeeding. If you really want them to go away, watch how much you feed. If you want a natural predator, some wrasses will eat them, several types of butterfly fish will, and certain shrimp, such as the coral banded shrimp (which I actually recommend against getting) will eat them too.

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