something on my live rock

i was checking out my tank with a magnifying glass yesterday and there's somithing attached to a piece of my tonga branch rock. i can't send a pic cause i dont know how and also because its so small i dont think i could get a good one anyway so here's a description. it s about half the size of my pinky fingernail its like this half dome shell the bottom side is flat and attached to the rock. it has eyes and ducks inside if you startle it. it has these antennae or tentacles appears to be 3 or 4 of them. what the heck could this thing be?


When your lights go out, take a flashlight and see if you can get a better look at it. Most crabs and shrimp are more active at night when the lights go out. Another way is to try to lure it out of it's hole by putting a piece of food on a bamboo skewer(stick for kabobs) and put it in front of it's hiding spot to see if you can get it to come out in the open. Try this with the lights on first.


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Nope did not mean to post the ad for --. Guess they don't let you copy and paste their pictures. Sorry.