something on my majestic


there is a couple of white blotches on one of the fins of my majestic. it is not ick. it is larger. it looks solid. and overnight has gotten larger. can't get a good pic. as soon as i do i will post it. he is new to my tank 2.5 weeks. eating good. i have been feeding food soked in garlic juice once a week. feeding brine, live brine, angel formula, blood worms, seaweed, flake.
tank is 3 yrs old.
140lb live rock
3in dsb
regal tang
2 clowns
16" banded eel
hermits and snails


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looks like lymphocystis from the picture in my disease and treatment book they say it wil spread to the mouth soon and the only way to cure it is to cut off the portion of the fin where it is at.Wait for beth she'll know for sure im just going by what my book looks like.
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i will get some zoe tomarrow. i do 10-15% water changes every monday. day old salt water. i do not aerate. i just got a RO for the tank 2 months ago. everything reeds ok. sal 1.024 ph 8.2 ammo 0 trates10 trites0
don't know what else to do.
can this be harmful?


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optimize nutrition. I would add some fresh seafoods to the mix. READ up on this particular fish's dietary needs, and ensure that you address it.
Add zoecon as a vit supplement.


i have continued to add garlic extract 2-3 times a week.
i am soaking all food in zoe, but the majestic still has Lympho.
he loves brine shrimp and picks at the rock constantly but will not eat much else.
i have tried:
algea waffers
live brine
angel formula
mega marine angel
he is fattening up, but the lympho is getting slightly worse.
still doing 15% water changes once a week w/ ro.
any other suggestions?????