something wrong in my tank


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We bought an existing tank approx. 2 months ago was going well till tang got ich tried to treat and it died. Since then the only thing still alive in the tank are snails, shrimp, goby, and feather dusters every fish I put in dies within a day or two. We have done a water change and had water checked which we were told was all okay. Has anyone gone through or does anyone know what the cause might be?


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You need to remove all the fish including the goby. The goby needs to be treated for ich in a hospital tank. The display tank needs to be kept fishless for 72 day. This is to allow the ich parasite to die off.

Once the tank is clean of ich and the goby has been treated You need to start quarantining all fish for at least 30 days to make sure they don’t have any diseases. The tank you used for the hospital will be perfect. A 10 gallon Bare bottom, some PVC joints for hiding places, a heater, and a sponge filter.


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I need to ask: Are you QTing your fish before you put them in the tank and how are you acclimating them once you put them in there?