Southdown update!!

mr . salty

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After discussing this subject in the shark tank with the other moderators and ADMIN,general dicussions about southdown will be allowed.But detailed info about how and where to get it will NOT.Let's just say "yuo get it at HOME DEPOT"..THANK'S.


if one wants to search aboout it do so....but no more detail info will be allowed...
i will back any shark on this... it is getting a little out of hand.....
we all know where it comes just leave it at that....
all other info will be deleated from the thread....
please go with us on this. so as not to get all madd about it later.
Ok I have a quick ? about this subject. I under stand that this BB has a "NO LINK" policy.(I don't intend to break this rule). Are we still allowed to talk about the use of "South Down"? using it in DSB's,etc.?
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It was my understanding that because the primary function of this site is to sell drygoods and livestock that we practice basic rules of common courtesy. They offer this to us free..don't take business away from them. If so get the persons email address and contact them directly for the information.
just my .02

mr . salty

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YES,Discussions about southdown will be allowed(to an extent) But the how's and where's to get it will NOT...THANK YOU