SPS >.05mm orange bugs?


I tryed to take a pic of them but they are two small to see with my camera (I going to keep trying).
They are mainly on my acro. and a couple on a green slimer.
They are bright orange and smaller than the (one "leaf") of the acro. polyp. (smaller than the tip of a .05mm pencil lead).
They have been there for a while but 10 minutes ago I just realized that they are not part of the acro when I saw them moving from place to place on the acro.
Non are on my stagehorn or my monti's. (cup or branching) or the hammer, candy cane, or live rock (that I can see!).
I'm just wondering if someone has a start for me to research?


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Do a search for "Red Acro Bugs"... I know you said they are orange but if I'm right they are refereed to as Red Bugs...


not flat at all think of the shape of the bottom of a boat shrunk to .05mm, and that is what their back looks like (too small to see any thing else. but there are easly over 100 on the acro. and 5 or 6 on the slimer. It does seem to be affecting the growth or anything, they are just there! and when I say they are bright orange I mean almost a floricent glowing orange.:notsure:


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deffinatly sounds like the dreaded red bugs. You can gat rid of them by dosing a heartworm pill called interceptor. you are supposed to dose the tank a total of three times, with a big water change after each dose. You could try to dose just the pieces that have the bugs on them, but the bugs may have migrated to different areas of the tank. I wish I could help more


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Yup, red bugs.
IMO, they bother the corals and they get stressed out. When they are stressed they lose color and grow slower.
If ya want them out, some have tried amino acids with 50/50 results. Or you can do the interceptor(heart worm

for the dog)treatment. It takes 3 doses, but I did 2 and no RB for......hmmmm.... maybe 8 months now.
Seach my name or red bugs and you will find a thread on the treatment.


Thanks for the help


I'm doing a little research on other sites about it as well I found a nice 16 page fourm with others experiences with the red bugs.
I'm still debating on my approch.:confused:
LUCKLY (the bright side) I only have one Acro. and the ones i saw on the green slimer are gone. My stags, monti's cups and branching don't look as if they are being touched. As well as my LPS. and for the most part from what i have been reading, this follows suit for what others have had to say.
I pulled out older pics of the acro and there is a def color change (i just didn't notice looking at it everyday for hours). I'm just glad that I noticed it when i did, and I'd like to thank you at this board for putting me in the right direction. Now all i have to do is save it!!!