sps help


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i was wondering how do you know if you have great polyp extension????
i have some few sps frags growing in my tank. and all my birds nest dies! yet my acro, millie, and monti's are growing amazing. all the birds are next well not that next to the other sps maybe like a inch or 2 inches and they die????
could it be flow????
my flow is 2 K1 and a powerhead doing idk what but really strong maybe like 500gph around there and my return is 600gph.
help will be great


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Well, I have a birdsnest that I added about a month ago and I placed it right next to another acro. It seems to be doing fine, with good polyp extension. Both are very small. I have it way up on top of the rocks where the flow is good but not directed at them. From what I understand acros need good calcium levels and maintain good alk along with proper lighting, and little to no nitrates. So, I don't know...%%


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Well...I would say if you have any extension at all...hahahaha
that it is good! Actually though....the other acro beside the birdsnest has polyps that come out of it that are long, and I mean longer than any I have seen. The birdsnest just looks fuzzy....with no area without polyps open....
I really cant explain it.. Oh Crap! Where is HENRY? I am sure he can help.


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Exactly! I am newb when it comes to acros...I recently just started adding them to my tank...I was worried that my t-5's would not sustain them but so far so good. NYCBOB has some nice sps as well......


FWIW - I have several birdsnest, and in my tank, some do better in high light, and some do better in lower light.
I have one that is on my sand bed, when I moved it closer to the top of my tank, it got angry.
When I placed it back down, it was happy again.
If it looks fuzzy, then you have good extension IMO.