SPS in 10 gallon



trying to figure out what coral i want in my tank and i was wondering if a pink birdsnest would do ok in my tank. Also i was looking at Green Apple Cap coral, but again im not sure if this will even work in my tank.
Even if these will work in my tank, will i be able to keep Zoas, Mushrooms, and the like, in the tank also? So many questions...

Oh, and my lighting is 80 watts of individually reflected T5


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once again they will work!
but i know you wanna make sure. also a good beginner sps are montipora, birdsnest. next inter will acros and such


Ya, i just dont trust you

just thought that i would post it again in a different forum, get a wide spectrum of answers, and find out about specific sps since some are harder to care for than others
I guess my main question was really the one about would sps be ok with other corals...


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You should be fine. Make sure they get a lOT of flow. They shield them selves and therefore, need more flow than other sps in order to keep reach the inside of the corals. Just about every large colony you will see will have a dead center because of this.
If you can get your hands on a PAR meter to check for lighting too, it certainly wouldn't hurt. THe nova pros aren't a horrible fixture, but the reflectors don't wrap around as much as they should. And the main downfall is current is making the only bulbs that are 18"s. They don't put out nearly as much light as many other bulbs such as ATI and geissmen do. But you will still be able to keep on in your tank a-ok.
THey can also go along with other corals fine. Just as long as they don't touch, obviously. WIth large leathers and such, you have to make sure that you run a lot of carbon.
Here is my 10 gallon: It has mainly sps, but a lot of lps in there too. Only sofites are some zoos.


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ur lighting is fine, but make sure ur water parameters r good. sps will do better in a well-established system.


I keep a stylophora in a 5.5gal under 18watts and its doing well I just keep it up high and make sure it get lots of flow.