SPS Success With Just T5s


I'd like to hear about (and see?) some success stories of keeping SPS with just T5s.
Pictures would be greatly appreciated.


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Do a google search for;
-Paul Whitby's tank (600gal 96x48x30 with four TEK fixtures)
-Szymon Jankowski’s tank (206gal 64x31x24 with 10-bulb ATI powermodule)
These were two past TOTMs elsewhere, and very nice tanks too. A good T5ho fixture will allow you to keep whatever you want.
I don't have any decent pics, but IME I've been able to get colors out of SPS under T5 that I have not seen under halides. Best example is pink birdsnest. No complaints with color or growth.


I would not put sps under pc lights. If they live at all they will be brown and barely grow. If you do, make sure they are lower light sps. I have seen some beautiful acros under T5's. Much nicer than I can do under MH, but I am somwhat new to sps (new to success anyway).


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definitely doable. I prefer the look of MH, but sometimes I do get jealous of the ability T5 users have in having a variety of bulbs to get the colors to look great. Sometimes its too washed or pastel looking, but sometimes the colors are just amazing.


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150g tank with aquactinics constellation (14 bulb T5)
may, 07 first day i got this orange cap

july 2008 , right before i moved and had to break this beast up.
i have already broke it in half once (shortly after receiving it, and traded the half)
and fragged off several frags for trades, sales.


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i have 6 individually lit t5's and i keep a variety of sps in my tank. i can't take pics because my cameras not working...


Did this last night in my nano thread. I currently have stylophora under 144watts of PC lighting.
Growth of the Green Stylo:
Sept. 11, 2008 to January 13, 2009:



google or yahoo this "steviet tank"
This guy has a bunch of sps under the red sea max stock lighting(pc/t5) and for a long period of time...


I used to run halides until I went T5 and I will never go back.
Here are some shots of mine under 6 bulbs over my 75g....

Better light coverage for the watts used and less light. Unbelievable par if you get the right bulbs too. Plus you can change the color of your tank by changing one bulb at times depending on your setup!!!!