SPS Success With Just T5s



I run T5's, specifically twelve 39 watt bulbs, four of which are actinics. The tank is 36" tall.
I put a frogspawn in there back in October. It is shown in the first photo. A piece broke off and has since doubled in size. It's lower than the one in the first pic and is just below the water intake pipe in the center.
The hard corals on the far left have thrived all along, but then again they are a fairly deep water coral.
The tank is seven months old. Most of the softies, zoos, etc. were added within the last week or two, so they do not count for purposes of this post.
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post #1 hundreds of people have success stories its pretty cool.
lights are getting much better as time goes on, metal halides were and r still leading but for how long...


I too have T5's, specifically 8 54watt bulbs with individual reflectors on a 210g tank. I have pink birdnest, stylophora, shrooms, clams, zoos, softies, way to much to list and all mine are doing great so far. If it works don't fix it, lol. I do have to say though that someday when led's are perfected I would like to give it a try.


I think that the focus on halides is ridiculous unless the tank is very deep. Additionally my 65w pc's are brighter than my 54w t5's with individual reflectors. I only have one sps which is high lighting and it loves my t5's and pc's. I already have problems with tank overheating with t5's and pc's and i know halides would be much worse. i think spectrum is more important than the amount of light. heck i only have 346 watts in my 90 gallon. 96 watts in the 12 and 130 watts in the 29.


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Originally Posted by spankey
I used to run halides until I went T5 and I will never go back.
Here are some shots of mine under 6 bulbs over my 75g....

Better light coverage for the watts used and less light. Unbelievable par if you get the right bulbs too. Plus you can change the color of your tank by changing one bulb at times depending on your setup!!!!
what fixture and bulb combination are you running? You are getting some really nice colors!


Wow, those really are some of the best sps photos I've seen. Bulb combo really would be appreciated.