Stand weight limit ?


Has anyone ever had or heard of a stand collapsing? I have a 65 Gallon with about 95-100lbs of rock. I will soon be adding a canopy that weighs about 40 lbs and MH lights (not sure of the weight). Is there any danger of the stand breaking? I have had it for about 10 years and so far so good. How much weight do these things hold? Is there anything I could/should do? Am I being paranoid? I would like to get as many responses as possible. Thanks.
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i'm not going to answer that question (i can't)
i would like to point out that live rock doesn't weigh a whole lot more than the water. ever moved any rock under water? weighs much less.

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It would be very difficult to even guess the limits of your stand without knowing specific info about its construction. If it is home built there is no way to know about its structure without being able to see its design. Most factory designed stands that I have seen are very sturdy and can support the tank and associated weight they were constructed for. Most warrentys for new tanks are valid only if they are used with stands provided by the tank that tells me they should be able to support the tanks weight...if not the builder is out the expense of replacing ity.:thinking:
...on the other hand I have seen some home made stands that are far more structurely sound than any store bought stand....I've seen some made of steel!!!! If a home made is designed properly then I'd think they could withstand even more weight than a factory job.
Sop my response would be...I have no idea what your stand can support...without knowing more info about your stand.