Starfish eating shrimp?


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I recently added a cleaner shrimp to my aquarium. He disapperd within two days. Would a chocolate starfish eat the shrimp?
The only other fish in the tank is a small yellow tang, and a perc clown.
I also have four snails.
Is the starfish a fast enough preditor to catch and eat the shirmp?


I don't believe that a chocolate chip starfish would be able to catch and eat a cleaner shrimp. IMO


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me neither.....we have a cc star and a cleaner shrimp. The cleaner will even venture up to Chip and try to steal a piece of shrimp we gave him. Cleaner is too quick for him. :D


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The starfish could have eaten the shrimp if the shrimp was already dead. What are the water parameters in your tank? (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, etc.) Do you dose with iodine?