Starfish questions


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Can a chocolate chip starfish be kept in a fish tank rather than a reef tank? I really like the way they look and their personalities, but since I don't have a reef tank I am not sure whether or not it would be appropriate to buy one. Do starfish need the special lighting that other inverts need?


good question, I wasn't aware that they do. I have a Red General (cousin to your choc chip) and he's doing fine in my FOWLR.
Just watch out, they like to eat anemones, mushrooms, and I've heard sometimes snails. Hungry little buggers, they are. Great to look at though.


Do not place a choclate star in a reef tank! They will go after all kinds of corals and such. As for a fish only tank? Don't see why not, I've seen many in fish only tanks before, with out any problems. I've been told that they can over graze a bit on your live rock though.


i kept one in a fish only tank a few years back, and it did great. Those things love to eat, so make sure you feed it regularly.


My CC star has developed a diet worse than a starving Frenchman when it comes to snails...he wiped out all of my snails! LOL...just be aware of this...but they are really cool...I'm in the process of transfering him to another tank WITHOUT SNAILS. Just be aware....and yes I feed him silversides...but still he loves snails...


My cc star done fine in my fowlr, I spot fed him once a week with krill. But on a sadder note I do not have him no more. But they where cool little guys.


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As noted, chocolate chip stars (or general, or red African) do not belong in reef tanks as they are carnivores/scavengers. They can and will eat just about anything, and are easily spot fed.
Also note that they are very delicate with regard to pH, salinity, temperature...and general water quality issues....and belong in a mature stable tank.