Starting a 20g Long


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when stocking fish, I always like to think of where the fish I pick swim, lol
Angels are all around the tank so you dont want all your fish to swim in the same area - especially in a small tank
Clowns tend to stick in one are-hosting anything from a coral to a rock.
Fire fish also tend to stick to one area they claim - not an open water swimmer.
your stock list looks good, but what about adding a blenny - they have a lot of character and some like bi-colors or tail spot find a hole to make thier own.
Good luck with your tank


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I was hoping I could get a blenny =]. So I'm glad you said something. Expect pictures in a couple of weeks. I'm moving on the 15th and starting the tank up a couple of days after I get moved in. Wish me luck!
Also what should my sand depth be?

aquapod 24

If you are still looking for a light you should look at the evolution led lights (google them).... the long rectancular 100w one should be good for nearly all corals with demanding corals like sps corals at the top (you might need a second person to confirm this).... i have the 120w light over my 24 gallon and i love it.