Starting a 40g (Stock help please)


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Hey guys! I haven't been here in months; over the summer I lost a lot of time to dedicate to the hobby. Anyways, I'm now on my fifth tank since starting last August (all with the help of the SWF peeps), except this one is very special. It is being built in total by myself and my reef club and then being donated to my high school where I will be teaching a group of incoming Freshmen how to care for and maintain it when I leave for college in two years. It's still in the planning stages, of course, but I like to work out ALL the kinks long before hand, which includes stocking. Help me out here?
Reef-ready 40g breeder
Custom stand and hood
VHO lighting (not sure exactly what kind yet)
3" sandbed
45 lbs of LR
20g sump with a skimmer and GFO reactor
-Heaters/powerheads/yadda yadda =P
CUC (any sugguestions?)
-1 Sally light foot crab
-10 Narci snails
-30 Cerith snails
-20 Hermit crabs
-1 Brittle Starfish
-1 Cleaner Shrimp
-1 Peppermint Shrimp
-1 reef safe urchin
-2 occelaris clowns
-1 Yellowtail blue damsel (I know they're "mean", but I've had this one in another tank for a year with no problems)
-1 sixline wrasse
-1 diamond goby
-1 royal gramma
-1 flame angel
Also, is there a more colorful blenny besides the lawnmower that helps with hair algae? I hope I wont have those problems, but you never know...


Glad to see you are still around....
I think there are different blennies that also eat algae