Starting Over what can be reused?


I have a 3 1/2 year old set up and I am going to be moving so I planned to break the tank down, recycle it, and start everything from scratch. I planned to get some new sand to have a fresh dsb. Is that necessary? I was planning to reuse my LR but was wondering if that needs to be replaced over time as well. So new LR too or can I reuse the old?


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can use both. just make sure they are kept wet.
adding new sand and rock will only add to your biodivercity, but may also have hitchikers you don't want.


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as far as a DSB in a display tank, this can get tricky...cause in time all DSB will basically crash. i would honestly go with 2-3 inch bed. i would even use the same old sand too. rock never goes bad unless out of water then it becomes dead rock....hope this helps