Stock List Help

Well I want to make some new additions to my tank if possible.
I have a 55 gallon with about 30 pounds of live rock planning on adding more
Koralia 2 PH and a Rio 600 PH
I got a 25 Gallon Sump
4x65 PC lighting
Sailfin Tang
2 Firefish Gobys
Bar Goby
Bi-Color Blennie
2 Peppermint shrimp
13 turbos
Is it possible to add more fish, crabs, shrimp ?


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Once your sailfin tang goes to it's larger tank then your bioload will beable to handle a few more fish and you may be able to add some inverts if it has been several weeks since your last add and your para. are staying stable.


yea its all about the sailfin. all your other fish are small sized fish so i cant imagine them taking up too much room. ive got a 55 and ive had good experience with coral beauty angels (sometimes nippy), clowns, basslets, or other small fish. maybe a longnose hawk if you want a splash of color. but im sure u know the sailfin isnt really suited in that tank so i wouldnt add anythin till its outta there except maybe some hermits