Stocking Timeline Questions


Okay, I'm just getting ready to start my new 56 gallon tank that im stocking with all reef safe critters so I can add coral if/when I want to.
I know I need to let it go a few weeks to cycle after the live rock goes in, then a few more weeks before starting to build a CUC.
My main question is when I start adding "the good stuff" is there any particular order I should add corals and fish (ie fish first or coral first). I know with the fish add them in reverse order of their tempers, I just dunno if i can go coral-fish-coral-fish or all fish then add corals, or get most the corals then the fish etc...
If I end up not doing coral, are MH lights a "waste" on a fish only?


my best advice to you is to wait as long as you can before you add anything to your tank. Im talking maybe a few months. Your tank will always be cycling for the life of the tank.
if you do add coral I reccomend adding 1 at a time. start with lower light coral such as mushrooms, zoas, and chili coral. wait a week before you add ech one.
I have seen people add corals by the boat loads all in one shot, and nothing bad happened. aThen a few months down the road, all the coral dies, or most die.
So take your time. do it right, save money, save time, save yourself a heart-break.