Stone Fish Pics.

Well with a little patience you do get what you want. Last July I saw a huge stone fish, I was very interested in it. I put money down on him to get him the following monday, but due to a miscommunication the LFS sold him out from underneath me. They refunded my money, but I was still urked !!! Well I have been waiting to see if another would show up and it did. He was not in the greatest of shape last week when he arrived, but he is looking 100% better now.
One thing that really surprises me about this fish is his sheer aggression. Any thing gets close to his spot, he puts up his spines and then lunges. To say the least the files scoot, They are bigger than his mouth but he is an evil tempered one. Though since he is so grumpy, it made it real easy to get him on frozen foods. The first time he put his spines up at the large silver side I was moving toward him, he then lunged at it, then realized that it is something he could eat, lunged a second time and the silver side was inhaled.
Well I will quit talking your ears off and show a few pics. He is about 5 inches long, he is in with a jaded file and a white spotted file fish, and a orange toad fish. It is a 75 gallon tank.


cool fish is he poisonus? And I have seen fish that look like that that are all white and orange is that tha same type?
Yes they are poisonous, these guys can pack a serious punch. The one you are talking about could be a juvi. or just a different species.


You know... I thought I read somewhere that these stone fish would cause a heart attack ( cardiac arrest ) in a matter of minutes if one hit you... This true???

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I think the kind I saw is an angler fish it is in the same family

No, Anglers are in a complete different family. Stone fish are in the the same family as lion fish. They do not have the lure to bring prey in to them. They have to rely almost completely on there camouflage to get prey.
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You know... I thought I read somewhere that these stone fish would cause a heart attack ( cardiac arrest ) in a matter of minutes if one hit you... This true???

I don't think it could kill you quite that fast.
From what I have read, The stone fishes venom is much like that of a lion fish. There toxin causes extreme pain
pain. Cardiac arrest could result if someone is allergic to the venom. I have had the unfortunate experience of getting tagged by a fuzzy dwarf lion. He was all of 3 inches long. The pain lasted 4 hours, it was extremely intense and I had some mild swelling. I can not really describe it other than it was like a red hot poker was under my skin and never cooled down. I had some lasting effects as for the next couple months after my hand was very sensitive to hot and cold. It is something I never want to have happen again. A friend was tagged by her lion and she ended up in the hospital for a week as she had an allergic reaction to the toxin.
It is my belief (I have no solid proof, just from what I have read) that it also depends on how much of the toxin is injected in to the system. In Australia someone wading and fully steps on a stone fish is going to get a very large dose of venom. If they were a good distance from shore and had no one to help them back they could pass out from the pain and drown. If they were allergic to the venom they would probably be in a lot of trouble. A single spine getting someone, even if they have an allergic reaction, there will be a much better chance of survival as it is a much smaller dose.
One thing a lot of people for get about with all of the scorpion fish (lion, stone, wasp, ect.) is that there venom is used as a defense only. The way it works is just like a hypodermic needle. At one end is the venom sack the other a needle sharp point, the spine is enclosed in a very fine sheath of skin. They only way the venom is released is by applying pressure to the spine. The sheath splits and the venom goes through the spine in to the attacker.
Trust me, I am going to be extreme careful when cleaning the tank or when ever my hands will be in there. I have some good experience working with venomous animals, and the lion fish sting taught me a lesson that I will not forget !! :)
I will get off my soap box now :p


Thanks TY .... I wondered about that. I had a lion at one time..My first Saltwater tank and the LFS sold him to me. I really didnt know much... heck I always had my hands in there messing around... never thought much about it until I found this site and read up on the Lion... I was never tagged by one but I have read of people not liking it much when they do...


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Regardless of whether it can kill you that quick or not, I know that it is labled the most poisonous fish in the world.


I heard that just like jellyfish, if you P*** on the wound where it stabbed you, it is almost like instant relief!!!